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Security Entrances - Horton

We Are the Exclusive Central Ohio Distributor for Horton Security Entrances and Automatics

Horton Automatics has been designing, manufacturing and selling automatic doors since 1960, when they developed the first automatic sliding door in America. They are a division of Overhead Door Corporation, who invented the first upward-acting door in 1921 and the first electric door opener in 1926.

Today, Horton Automatics offers the broadest product range in the automatic door industry, including:

  • Revolving Doors for Security and Commercial Use
  • Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Automatic Swinging Doors
  • Automatic Folding Doors
  • Service Windows
  • Controls and Operators for Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Platform Screen Doors for Light and Heavy Rail Applications

A Sample of Horton Automatic Security Doors

Bi-Fold/Bi-Swing ICU Doors

Horton's Bi-Fold/Bi-Swing ICU Doors are actually two door systems in one, offering versatile access of a swing door for normal two-way traffic and an adjacent folding door providing multiple options of use.

Negative Pressure Sliding Doors

Horton's Negative Pressure Sliding Doors are specifically designed to contain airborne infections in medical facilities.

Smoke-Rated Sliding/Tele ICU Doors

Horton's Manual Profiler® ICU Sliding Door Systems exceed the air infiltration requirements of the NFPA 105 standard.

Smoke-Rated Swing ICU Doors

Horton's Profiler®-ICU SmokeSwing Door Systems allow for manual operation in ICUs.

Standard Sliding/Tele ICU Doors

Horton's Standard Sliding Profiler®-ICU Door Systems are available in standard and custom designs, and are available in single, biparting, and telescoping configurations.

Combination Pressure Sliding Doors

Horton's Combination Pressure Sliding Doors are designed to isolate airborne infections in medical centers.

Smoke-Rated Sliding Corridor Doors

Horton's Profiler®-ICU Corridor Smoke-Rated Doors are ideal for patient and ICU applications, and exceeds the air infiltration requirements of the NFPA 105 standard.

Standard Sliding Corridor Doors

Horton's Profiler®-ICU Patient Room Corridor Door Systems provide greater flexibility in medical applications, and offer patient room systems that provide greater flexibility by allowing doors to be completely or partially open with breakout capability.

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