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Government Door Solutions

Governmental buildings are high traffic and/or high security meaning partnering with the right source for your government door solutions is critical. They can have many different types and brands of doors, frames, turnstiles, operators, access control, stringent security requirements, and traffic flow needs – all on the same floor. For over 26 years our uniformed, drug free, factory certified and trained staff have been designing, installing, testing, repairing and planning a variety of government door solutions – local, city, county, state and federal – with as little interruption to the work day as possible.

Government Building Experience Counts.

We understand the unique nature of government entrance requirements. Specifications are stringent, budgets are tight, warranty expectations are high, security measures are vital, and supplier commitments are expected to be met.

Yes, we can do that – and that's part of the reason we have done so many government door solutions, like:

  • City, County and Municipal Courthouses
  • U.S. Military and Law Enforcement Installations
  • Federal Reserve Banks
  • Police Headquarters

The Door Company is staffed by trained door solution specialists and degreed electronic techs who know how to work with access control and security integrators, architects, contractors and maintenance personnel. Many on our staff have federal government security clearances. When it comes to government buildings, you could say we speak your language.

No Obligation, No Charge for Estimates or Design Proposals

If you are working on a new building, or looking to change or add to an existing door system, simply give us a call. There is no obligation and no charge for product, installation, service or warranty estimates and proposals.

Government Door Solutions Include:

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