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Custom Fabrication

"Door-In-A-Day" Commercial Door Custom Fabrication Shop

Got a special or emergency door need? Our Custom Door Fabrication Shop was designed so we could tell our commercial door customers - NO PROBLEM!

In fact, we can often build you a non-standard size door or a Fire Rated Door and have it ready for same day pick-up or delivery if you call by 9:00 am. No order is too big or too small. Give us your specs or work with our design specialists.

Custom Fabrication

Special Orders Don't Upset Us.

Door hardware, locks, access control, and security must be individually tailored to meet the needs of a particular area – pharmacy, dementia, maternity or surgical wards and emergency or patient rooms, for example. Addressing the door opening needs of the medical industry takes special planning for the right medical door solutions.

Need a Hollow Metal Door?
Today? To fit an existing frame? To meet fire code? To lock down the building? To keep the weather and critters out? With a window? With Bullet Resistant Glass? NO PROBLEM! Give us a call!

Need a Hollow Metal Frame?
Today? Welded or KD? To meet fire code? With special lock placements? With transom and sidelights? A frame that is wider, shorter, larger or smaller than usual? NO PROBLEM! Give us a call!

Need a door, frame, or gate system welded on-site?
NO PROBLEM! Give us a call.

We're all about providing custom door fabrication solutions

For over 30 years, The Door Company has built a reputation on peace of mind. We help our Columbus area commercial and industrial customers find the right custom door fabrication solution that fits their current and future needs – and their budget. Customer loyalty is our goal, and that only comes when you’re completely satisfied.

No Obligation, No Charge for Estimates or Design Proposals

If you are working on a new building, or looking to change or add to an existing door system, simply give us a call. There is no obligation and no charge for product, installation, service or warranty estimates and proposals.

Our Door Solutions Include:

  • Emergency Door Repair 24/7/365
  • Planned Maintenance Programs with Emergency Breakdown Service to ensure minimal downtime of your equipment
  • State of Ohio Code Compliance Inspections and Fire Door Certification
  • Repair or Renovation of existing door systems
  • No Charge Proposals and Estimates
  • Parts and Labor Warranties
  • Uniformed, Drug-Tested Factory Certified Technicians
  • Ability to service older existing products
Commercial Door Repair truck

How many times have you called a door company only to have them not show up? If you're not getting the level of service you deserve - give US a call. We'll arrive in a timely manner and guarantee the customer service that you expect!